Business Casual

There’s a saying

dress like your boss if you want to be your boss”


In 1995, my husband, a freelance videographer, was required to wear a dark suit, light shirt, and tie to any job he was hired to do.


In 2019, my husband, a production manager, can wear jeans on Fridays and business casual Mon-Thurs.


In 2019, Sue’s Cleaners processed more laundered shirts than 2 pc suits.  The ratio is 2 to 1 laundered shirts vs dry-clean items.


However, Sue’s Cleaners top clients, their cleaning was 1 to 1.  Top clients realize that business casual doesn’t mean casual dressing.


Don’t forget about your bottoms…

Nothing beats creased chinos with a freshly laundered shirt.  Don’t let the wash label scare you.

We handle all garments!

Look to the latest trends in fashion.

Pants are creased to elongate the legs.

Let Sue’s make sure you have the look that states Professional, Business Casual.

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