Shirts you Say… Commonly asked questions

Do you do shirts?

  • We launder shirts on the premises offering same day service, Monday – Friday.

How much do you charge?

  • For the services we offer, buttons replaced, collars wrinkle free, scrubbed collars/cuffs, we charge accordingly

Why is my wife’s blouse more?

  • Shirts, regardless of gender, are pressed on a standard shirt press. The body of the shirt needs to be equivalent to a mens size 15 or a women’s size 12 in order to fit on the press.  Sizes much larger and smaller or those with pleats in front or back (mens) are charged at a higher rate.  It is the size of the shirt not the gender of who is wearing the shirt that dictates the price of the garment.  At Sue’s, if we find we have incorrectly overcharged you on any item, a credit is issued to your account.

My rayon shirt is washable, why is it more?

  • Rayon washes beautifully in most cases. It is the pressing that dictates the extra charge in processing.  If we were to press a rayon or washable silk shirt on a shirt press, it would be ruined.

Dryclean my cotton shirt, I don’t want it to shrink!

  • Drycleaning does not successfully clean cotton dress shirts. The drycleaning process does not touch perspiration and body soils. Laundered shirts are pressed wet and utilizes tensioning.  There should be no shrinkage on a properly manufactured garment.

My shirt is wearing out….it’s brand new!

  • How brand new is it? Life expectancy of a commercially laundered shirt is actually lower than a home washed, hand ironed shirt.  It is recommended that you rotate your work shirts utilizing 15-20 shirts and cycling those.

Some situations we commonly have

My comforter says dry clean only

All comforters, regardless of the care label, should be wetcleaned.  It’s the only way to properly clean them.

It is labelled Dry Clean Only so that you don’t put it in your washer/dryer.


My dress says do no dry clean. What do I do

We can safely Wetclean it for you.

Wetclean? What’s that?

Our wetcleaning machine is programmed to handle such specialty items.  Wetcleaning is washing in a very controlled environment with special wetcleaning cleaning products such as sizing and softeners.


I’ve washed my polo shirt and now there’s these weird spots?

Those are most likely grease/oil spots. Washing removes starches/sugars easily. It doesn’t do a good job on grease.  Drycleaning will take care of it.


I’m buying new chair covers for my dining room.  They say dry clean only.

Always think of the use of the household item.  Any dining room item is going to come into contact with food.  You would want to choose a fabric that can safely be wetcleaned and drycleaned.  This way, all soils can be removed when spills happen.  Stay away from acetates, silks, rayon.  Consider natural fabrics such as cottons and linens that are neutral and lend themselves to durability.


How do I protect my blouses when I sweat so much?

Everyone sweats J No amount of deodorant can protect you or your clothes.  Dress shields, that are sewn in with snaps, are a great solution when wearing silks.. They can be put in sports jackets as well as dresses/blouses.. They can be removed and washed at home.. They’ll extend your wardrobe.

We can add dress shields to any of your garments.

When purchasing blouses, natural fabrics will reduce sweating.. Stay away from polyester and lean more towards cotton and silk.

And the care label says……..

And the care label says……..


Rule #1

Care labels are to protect the manufacturer



Understanding fiber content is more important than care instruction


Rule #3


If the care label is followed and the item is damaged, the retailer must refund/credit the consumer

Rule #4

If dyes are not set by manufacturer, the item can be damaged regardless of care instruction.


Unfortunately, quality control in the garment industry is at an all-time low.  Dyes are not set properly.  Incorrect labelling is commonplace.


Fortunately for you, at Sue’s, we have the expertise and experience to properly clean your garment.  We do our best to examine all garments.  We check trimming and test colors.

Business Casual

There’s a saying

dress like your boss if you want to be your boss”


In 1995, my husband, a freelance videographer, was required to wear a dark suit, light shirt, and tie to any job he was hired to do.


In 2019, my husband, a production manager, can wear jeans on Fridays and business casual Mon-Thurs.


In 2019, Sue’s Cleaners processed more laundered shirts than 2 pc suits.  The ratio is 2 to 1 laundered shirts vs dry-clean items.


However, Sue’s Cleaners top clients, their cleaning was 1 to 1.  Top clients realize that business casual doesn’t mean casual dressing.


Don’t forget about your bottoms…

Nothing beats creased chinos with a freshly laundered shirt.  Don’t let the wash label scare you.

We handle all garments!

Look to the latest trends in fashion.

Pants are creased to elongate the legs.

Let Sue’s make sure you have the look that states Professional, Business Casual.

It’s a Mystery or is it Just Magic

Maybe you don’t even want to know, but there’s a mystery surrounding dry-cleaning.  It is a love/hate relationship between the consumer and the dry-cleaner.

Most love having their clothes cleaned and returned looking wonderful.  Most hate having to pay to wear their clothes again. Clothes are an investment and dry-cleaning can protect your investment.

Here’s the mystery… Dry-cleaning is not dry at all. It is the cleaning process without the presence of water.  Simply stated, your clothes are cleaned with a solvent not water.  Bessy the Beast is a 40lb dry-cleaning machine that uses GreenEarth Solvent, silicone, to clean your clothes.

Step by Step:  Because it’s not magic…

  • Your garments are tagged
  • Your garments are sorted…dark, light, fragile, heavy, etc.
  • Your garments go in the dry-cleaning machine where they are cleaned.
    1. Cleaned with GreenEarth Solvent containing no chemicals but utilizing state of the art filtration.
    2. The solvent easily dissolves greases, soils (the filters pick it up)
    3. The solvent is extracted (spin cycle)
    4. The solvent goes through additional filtration
    5. The clothes are dried (in the same machine)
    6. The clothes are ready to go to the pressing stations
  • During pressing (finishing) your garments are inspected for stains and pressed to perfection
  • Your garments move to Assembly (matching to your order), Inspected again, then bagged.
  • Your garments are then racked to our conveyors for pick up.
  • You may even receive a SMS text telling you your order is ready!

Did you know you are welcome to tour our plant?  We run production every morning, stop in and ask for Sue.

Shirt Tips

Perhaps you’ll find some of these shirt tips helpful: 

  • When you find a shirt that’s comfy, buy more of that color & size
  • Starch shortens the life of your shirt substantially as it will break down fibers quicker
  • Supplements like Fish Oil & Vitamin E may result in an oily stained neckline
  • Be aware of your office/car/desk surroundings.  Most worn elbows are due to an office chair that is worn.  Dirty seatbelts result in odd shoulder stains.
  • For everyone’s sake, only wear it once.
  • One week is long enough for a shirt to wait to be washed.  Stains, even invisible, are harder to remove.
  • No iron shirts are coated with a finish that will make you sweat.  It is a finish that absorbs oils and repels moisture.
  • The new 100% polyester shirts are comfy and casual.  Keep in mind that although we will happily clean them for you,  they don’t like to keep their finished look.
  • Wrinkled button hole seams and pockets are a result of the shrinkage of threads.  This is a manufacturer defect. Many outlet stores will carry shirts with this defect.
  • Looking for a bargain on a shirt (or any other garment)…choose a garment that has been marked down. Garments made specifically for outlet stores are not made with the same fabrics, trimming, and specifications as the regular stores.
  • Reputable stores will stand behind their garments just as Sue’s stands behind our work as well.
  • Nothing beats 100% cotton. It will keep you comfortable and will stand up for years!