Going Green

Sue’s Cleaners not only uses the most environmentally safe cleaning solution, GreenEarth, but we are environmental responsible in all areas of our business. To us, “Going Green” is much more than just lip service; we believe in doing our job with the lightest possible environmental impact and footprint. Our green initiatives range from programs that recycle the materials we use every day to reducing fuel costs, in-house recycling to using biodegradable cleaning agents. Here is a current list of our efforts.

  1. Hanger recycling program
  2. Customer poly recycling program
  3. Customer garment bag program
  4. Cooling water recycling program
  5. In House recycling of all cardboards/paper/plastic
  6. Insulated steam pipes to eliminate heat loss
  7. Zero hazardous waste generated!
  8. Quarterly steam trap testing to minimize energy usage
  9. Use of high quality biodegradable cleaning detergents
  10. Wet-cleaning using high efficiency, low water level programs