It’s a Mystery or is it Just Magic

Maybe you don’t even want to know, but there’s a mystery surrounding dry-cleaning.  It is a love/hate relationship between the consumer and the dry-cleaner.

Most love having their clothes cleaned and returned looking wonderful.  Most hate having to pay to wear their clothes again. Clothes are an investment and dry-cleaning can protect your investment.

Here’s the mystery… Dry-cleaning is not dry at all. It is the cleaning process without the presence of water.  Simply stated, your clothes are cleaned with a solvent not water.  Bessy the Beast is a 40lb dry-cleaning machine that uses GreenEarth Solvent, silicone, to clean your clothes.

Step by Step:  Because it’s not magic…

  • Your garments are tagged
  • Your garments are sorted…dark, light, fragile, heavy, etc.
  • Your garments go in the dry-cleaning machine where they are cleaned.
    1. Cleaned with GreenEarth Solvent containing no chemicals but utilizing state of the art filtration.
    2. The solvent easily dissolves greases, soils (the filters pick it up)
    3. The solvent is extracted (spin cycle)
    4. The solvent goes through additional filtration
    5. The clothes are dried (in the same machine)
    6. The clothes are ready to go to the pressing stations
  • During pressing (finishing) your garments are inspected for stains and pressed to perfection
  • Your garments move to Assembly (matching to your order), Inspected again, then bagged.
  • Your garments are then racked to our conveyors for pick up.
  • You may even receive a SMS text telling you your order is ready!

Did you know you are welcome to tour our plant?  We run production every morning, stop in and ask for Sue.

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