Repairs and Alterations

None of us seem to have the right length legs to match the length of pants these days.  Thankfully, with a quick fitting, our seamstress can make them fit you perfectly.

Did you know that pants have different rises?  The rise is the length from the crotch to the waist.  A shorter rise will result in a longer inseam.  A longer rise will result in a shorter inseam.  Manufacturers will denote the rise 30L = 30 waist / long rise

30S = 30 waist/short rise.

Call ahead for fittings. Be sure to bring shoes with you. Lead time on alterations are 5-10 business days dependent on work involved.

Replacing zippers for pants, jeans, jackets, coats is an easy, affordable fix for your favorite item.

Did you know that a jacket/coat that goes beyond your hips should have a 2x way zipper?

Release the bottom zipper before sitting to prevent your zipper from breaking.

Getting into shape and finding your suit or slax a bit too big?  Rather than investing in new clothes, call for a fitting and have them taken in a smidge or two.  Alternately, there’s always room to let the same garments out just a bit for comfort.

An interview suit or wedding suit, it’s important to have a proper fitting suit. The sleeves shouldn’t extend past wrist bone and the pants should lay perfect at the back of your shoe.  Call for a fitting to be dressed for success.

Finding the perfect fitted dress for the office or wedding is difficult.  Sometimes it’s a nip and tuck of the shoulders and a pinch at the waist to do the trick.

Call for a fitting to be comfortable and stylish.

Prom Dresses—It’s never too early for a fitting.  Once you have your shoes, call and we’ll make sure everything is just right for your special night!  All dresses will be professionally steam finished.