Shirts you Say… Commonly asked questions

Do you do shirts?

  • We launder shirts on the premises offering same day service, Monday – Friday.

How much do you charge?

  • For the services we offer, buttons replaced, collars wrinkle free, scrubbed collars/cuffs, we charge accordingly

Why is my wife’s blouse more?

  • Shirts, regardless of gender, are pressed on a standard shirt press. The body of the shirt needs to be equivalent to a mens size 15 or a women’s size 12 in order to fit on the press.  Sizes much larger and smaller or those with pleats in front or back (mens) are charged at a higher rate.  It is the size of the shirt not the gender of who is wearing the shirt that dictates the price of the garment.  At Sue’s, if we find we have incorrectly overcharged you on any item, a credit is issued to your account.

My rayon shirt is washable, why is it more?

  • Rayon washes beautifully in most cases. It is the pressing that dictates the extra charge in processing.  If we were to press a rayon or washable silk shirt on a shirt press, it would be ruined.

Dryclean my cotton shirt, I don’t want it to shrink!

  • Drycleaning does not successfully clean cotton dress shirts. The drycleaning process does not touch perspiration and body soils. Laundered shirts are pressed wet and utilizes tensioning.  There should be no shrinkage on a properly manufactured garment.

My shirt is wearing out….it’s brand new!

  • How brand new is it? Life expectancy of a commercially laundered shirt is actually lower than a home washed, hand ironed shirt.  It is recommended that you rotate your work shirts utilizing 15-20 shirts and cycling those.

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