Some situations we commonly have

My comforter says dry clean only

All comforters, regardless of the care label, should be wetcleaned.  It’s the only way to properly clean them.

It is labelled Dry Clean Only so that you don’t put it in your washer/dryer.


My dress says do no dry clean. What do I do

We can safely Wetclean it for you.

Wetclean? What’s that?

Our wetcleaning machine is programmed to handle such specialty items.  Wetcleaning is washing in a very controlled environment with special wetcleaning cleaning products such as sizing and softeners.


I’ve washed my polo shirt and now there’s these weird spots?

Those are most likely grease/oil spots. Washing removes starches/sugars easily. It doesn’t do a good job on grease.  Drycleaning will take care of it.


I’m buying new chair covers for my dining room.  They say dry clean only.

Always think of the use of the household item.  Any dining room item is going to come into contact with food.  You would want to choose a fabric that can safely be wetcleaned and drycleaned.  This way, all soils can be removed when spills happen.  Stay away from acetates, silks, rayon.  Consider natural fabrics such as cottons and linens that are neutral and lend themselves to durability.


How do I protect my blouses when I sweat so much?

Everyone sweats J No amount of deodorant can protect you or your clothes.  Dress shields, that are sewn in with snaps, are a great solution when wearing silks.. They can be put in sports jackets as well as dresses/blouses.. They can be removed and washed at home.. They’ll extend your wardrobe.

We can add dress shields to any of your garments.

When purchasing blouses, natural fabrics will reduce sweating.. Stay away from polyester and lean more towards cotton and silk.

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