Shirt Tips

Perhaps you’ll find some of these shirt tips helpful: 

  • When you find a shirt that’s comfy, buy more of that color & size
  • Starch shortens the life of your shirt substantially as it will break down fibers quicker
  • Supplements like Fish Oil & Vitamin E may result in an oily stained neckline
  • Be aware of your office/car/desk surroundings.  Most worn elbows are due to an office chair that is worn.  Dirty seatbelts result in odd shoulder stains.
  • For everyone’s sake, only wear it once.
  • One week is long enough for a shirt to wait to be washed.  Stains, even invisible, are harder to remove.
  • No iron shirts are coated with a finish that will make you sweat.  It is a finish that absorbs oils and repels moisture.
  • The new 100% polyester shirts are comfy and casual.  Keep in mind that although we will happily clean them for you,  they don’t like to keep their finished look.
  • Wrinkled button hole seams and pockets are a result of the shrinkage of threads.  This is a manufacturer defect. Many outlet stores will carry shirts with this defect.
  • Looking for a bargain on a shirt (or any other garment)…choose a garment that has been marked down. Garments made specifically for outlet stores are not made with the same fabrics, trimming, and specifications as the regular stores.
  • Reputable stores will stand behind their garments just as Sue’s stands behind our work as well.
  • Nothing beats 100% cotton. It will keep you comfortable and will stand up for years!


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